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Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers (RESTYLANE Range), Radio Frequency Treatments, Naturapeel Diamond Dermabrasion and Indian head massage Treatments near Bluewater, Kent.

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RESTYLANE is a trademark owned by Q-Med AB

RESTYLANE is the worlds widely used aesthetic filler treatment making it the ultimate tool for restoring youthful volume through the skin hydration system. This product is made in Sweden - a nation renowned for nature and beauty. For over 10 years millions of treatments have been carried out and is now recognised as the most widely used treatment of its kind. Its safety and efficiency has been well proven and recognised as the versatile instant medical aesthetic treatment.


Areas of Treatment:

Upper Face - Gives volume to support skin structure, enhancing facial shape and giving definition The gel works from under the skin to lift and smooth away lines allowing the skin to restore its appearance and improve your physical profile. Glabellar (between eyebrows) and frown lines (forehead) are long lasting but not permanent.


Lower face - The lowest part of the face can also show well defined signs of ageing in areas such as the marionette or smokers lines in addition to the nose and mouth lines and peri oral folds. Long lasting but not permanent.