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Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers (RESTYLANE Range), Radio Frequency Treatments, Naturapeel Diamond Dermabrasion and Indian head massage Treatments near Bluewater, Kent.

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RESTYLANE is a trademark owned by Q-Med AB

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my facial expression look unnatural?

Although the results are visible, despite beliefs, anti wrinkle injections will not make you look permanently “surprised” - or make it look as if you “have had work done”  The procedure simply reduces muscle activity so you will be able to smile or frown in the normal way


How long does it last?


Results from your treatment last approximately 4 - 6 months.


Is there an age limit?

Anti wrinkle injection treatment is safe to use in individuals between 18 - 65. Over 65 may be less effective